Out of State: A Practical Guide to Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

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Whether it's across the state or across the planet, this is the only book that will teach you to overcome the challenges of long-distance real estate investing!

The stock market goes up and down, but everyone--everyone-- needs a place to live. That's one of the many reasons that rental real estate is an excellent investment. Real Estate Investing (REI) isn't just for moguls, though. All around the country, everyday men and women with everyday jobs supplement-- and even replace-- their regular income with rental property cash flow.

But what if you live abroad, in an expensive city, or in a remote location? What if you're a member of the military who may be deployed or relocated on a moment's notice? Buying, renovating, and renting out property from a distance has some unique challenges... but it's absolutely possible, and you can do it!

This book will teach you to select a great rental market, find cash-flowing properties, hire a trustworthy and experienced team to work on your behalf, analyze deals, make repairs, and place quality tenants who will pay the rent on time. You'll learn how to manage every aspect of a real estate investment without ever setting foot in the house, and you'll learn to do it with confidence.

Out of State will teach you about:

* Determining the ideal property for your risk tolerance and budget

* Neighborhood and property grades

* Picking the ideal real estate market (without ever visiting)

* Finding qualified real estate agents, property managers, lenders, contractors, and other team members, whether you're a hundred or a thousand miles away

* Detailed interview questions for every member of your team

* How to prevail in purchase negotiations

* Financing properties and navigating the lending process

* Using your team's expertise to avoid making a bad investment

* Getting your repairs done professionally, on time, and on-budget

* Placing, managing, and (when necessary) removing tenants

Other books teach you the why of real estate, but precious few teach you the how. Out of State forgoes anecdotes and teaches you the rules, the best practices, and yes, the math needed to succeed when you're purchasing real estate from afar.

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Out of State: A Practical Guide to Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

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